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Malipayong Pasko from!

Malipayong Pasko from!

Mindanaoan Update
Merry Christmas, folks! Or in what we say in my area in Mindanao - Malipayong Pasko! Merry Christmas to all of you - malipayong Pasko kaninyong tanan :) I'm writing this from Cebu City - where one of my brothers now work. My entire family is here in Cebu right now to celebrate Christmas with my brother. It's such a blessing that he doesn't have work on the 24th and 25th - so at least my family will be complete on those days. He goes back to work on the 26th, see. My other two brothers will be back in Mindanao on the 26th while my mother and I will be home come 30th. It'll be quite a rough goodbye since we won't see my brother again in a while. Parting is such sweet sorrow in cases like these. Anyways, our Christmas Eve was loads of fun. Loads of laughter, overflowing food, movie mara...

Malipayong Pasko kaninyong tanan!

Mindanaoan Update, Personal
From my family to yours - Merry Christmas! (Malipayong Pasko) I hope the past year has been fruitful, peaceful and definitely merry for you and your family. My 2008 has been (and still is!) amazing - I have traveled to more places this year, attended more events and festivals around Mindanao, met more interesting people around the Philippines and tried my hand on more things such as photography, white water rafting and Photoshop dabbling! I intend to continue this amazing journey next year, 2009 - the Year of the Ox. Hopefully, I will travel even farther, increase my list of friends, meet more people, help more strangers, hone my talents more and just become a well-rounded, warmer, more confident, more courageous person. Expect bigger things here in Mindanaoan as well! Once again, Merry...
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