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Inverted Philippine flag snafu at ASEAN-US meeting

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It was an honest mistake, according to Rebecca Thompson of the US Embassy. Still, the damage has been done. Now what I'm just hoping for is that the person/s responsible for this fiasco be dealt with accordingly. You see, during the recently concluded 2nd ASEAN-US Leaders' Meeting held at the United Nations Headquarters in Manhattan, New York, USA, the Philippine flag was surprisingly inverted (!). Instead of the blue band atop the red band, the red band can be seen as the one atop the blue one --- and we all know what this means --- it suggests that we're "AT WAR." "This was an honest mistake. The U.S. treasures its close relationship and close partnership with the Philippines which were demonstrated tis past week during President Aquino's trip to the U.S., with the signing of the ...
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