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Foot Notes Socks From Mark Bautista

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When this Mindanao lifestyle blogger first shared the news about Foot Notes Socks several days ago, I received a lot of inquiries and a lot of comments from people who wanted to order their own pair of Foot Notes Socks by Mark Bautista, a popular singer and actor, a son of Cagayan de Oro City and yes, a fellow Mindanaoan. I must say - it's a really good decision if you buy your Foot Notes Socks! I received this special limited edition box with 7 pairs of Foot Notes Socks and the products are of top quality! This is the Instagram photo I shared a few days back: (if you haven't yet, follow me on Instagram @mindanaoan) The Foot Notes Socks I received had inspirational lines like "Never Quit," "Every Failure Is A Necessary Step To Success" and "Sometimes You Have To Step Backward To ...

Singer Mark Bautista launches new business Foot Notes Socks

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These are what Kagay-anon singer and fellow Mindanaoan Mark Bautista says are "inspirational socks." Foot Notes Socks are socks that can serve as "inspiration at your feet." Foot Notes Socks is the latest business venture of Mark Bautista, a son of Cagayan de Oro City and a nationally acclaimed Filipino singer, actor and model. Mark shares this on how he came up with "Foot Notes Socks by Mark Bautista": "Growing up I loved the stage, but it didn't come easy. Stage fright was something that always held me back and I still remember all the emotions, just like it was yesterday. Strangely enough my mom had the perfect solution: She put coins in my socks before one of my competitions, and told me this would help calm me down. That day I went on stage with the coins in my socks and...
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