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Mindanao will be home to the largest inflatable playground in the Philippines

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First, it was the longest dual cable zipline, next was the thrilling Dropzone, then the absolutely exhilarating Skyjump (I have tried all 3 and they're all major fun!), now Mindanao's most favorite extreme adventure park is back at it again! Dahilayan Adventure Park will soon unveil the largest inflatable playground in the entire Philippines! By the looks of it, the upcoming inflatable playground at Dahilayan Adventure Park in Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon will have bounce houses, jump and slides, stages (26 of them!) and obstacle courses. The entire playground will have a total length of 250 meters or a quarter of a kilometer. Sounds really exciting especially for kids, toddlers, the young ones and, okay, the young once! ;) Who's excited for this? As of this writing, th...
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