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Back from the hospital

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I first felt sick about a week ago. It all started with what I thought was a slight fever. I slept it off, thinking that I'd feel better when I woke up. I thought wrong. Not only did my fever stay, I also experienced pain all over my body and I also experienced chills. Good thing my mother and I just stayed at home that day so I asked her for some paracetamol and body pain reliever. I could barely sleep that night. The next day, my mother and I did the next best thing we could think of --- (Now don't judge us. We've been doing this all our lives and well, let's just say that we're really not fond of doctors and hospitals) we called for our regular "manghihilot" (a person who practices the ancient art of healing by using long, deep strokes as well as stretching techniques). After the mas...
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