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GCash offers new in-app products and services including insurance and savings

Mindanaoan Update
GCash has new in-app products and services to make finance easy, approachable, and accessible to all Filipinos! From starting out as an e-wallet for making fast and secure online transactions to being the undisputed #1 mobile wallet app in the Philippines, GCash is now transforming itself once again to respond to the call of the times by launching new products and services to further its vision of making Filipino lives better everyday, with finance solutions made for all. GCash as a platform has enabled Filipinos with digital finance which is easily accessible through their phones. With 1 in 3 Filipinos currently using the app after growing its user base from just more than 20 million in January 2020 to over 40 million to date, GCash is going beyond just providing seamless and secur...
Free Covid-19 insurance, free 24/7 doctor consultation courtesy of Globe At Home

Free Covid-19 insurance, free 24/7 doctor consultation courtesy of Globe At Home

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I bring hopeful news! As the number of Covid-19 cases continues to rise in the Philippines, making sure that you have some sort of safety net in case you - knock on wood - catch the virus has become a real necessity. Here's a reality check - while some may have comprehensive insurance policies and are on the priority list of family physicians, the fact is - not everyone has the means for these. There are also reports that hospital bills may easily rack up to six or seven figures plus the difficulty of securing hospital beds. Which makes us wonder - is there something that regular Filipinos can do to sleep better at night knowing that someone’s got their back in case misfortune strikes? The good news is, there is! And it may be an unlikely solution, but Globe At Home has the answer. ...
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