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Leave Dato Zainab alone

Leave Dato Zainab alone

Mindanaoan Update
I was still at the airport yesterday when I received a phone call. Apparently, a Philippine Star columnist, Jarius Bondoc, claimed that the wife of the Malaysian Ambassador to the Philippines, Dato Zainab, "sullied the Philippine national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal." Jarius Bondoc claimed that Dato Zainab tweeted and called Rizal an "infidel Malay." My very first thought was...naw, it couldn't be. It must be just some random, silly joke. Dato Zainab would never say such a thing. Plus, I thought, Jarius Bondoc and the Philippine Star know how to abide by basic and proper etiquette. It is only proper for a columnist to verify facts, lest he appears stupid and naive. It is only proper for a columnist to have proof. Also, doesn't Philippine Star's masthead say "Truth Shall Prevail"? Unfortunat...

Is Senator Francis Chiz Escudero a datu?

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Apparently he now is! The once spokesperson of former President Erap Estrada (the late Fernando Poe, Jr.) and now opposition senator Francis "Chiz" Escudero was recently "adopted" as a Datu. Chiz Escudero is now also known as "Datu Matansub" (meaning approachable and wise). The adoption of Chiz as a datu was held last March 14, 2009 in Davao City, Mindanao during a meeting with tribal leaders. The meeting was held in line with the Mindanao Indigenous Peoples Conference for People and Development. Check out the photo provided to Mindanaoan by the Office of Senator Francis Escudero below. Photo by Bambam Luneta. BY THE WAY --- please --- if you have plans of reposting this entry or reusing this photo, please have the courtesy to cite the source. Thank you.
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