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How to protect your blog from viruses and hackers (writing from personal experience)

How to protect your blog from viruses and hackers (writing from personal experience)

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A few days ago, I shared via an Instagram post that some of my websites recently incurred malware and were down for days. Not a lot of people knew about this and I also didn't really have the energy to share because, at the time, I mostly felt exhausted and disappointed in myself. It was truly a horrible time and I was so downtrodden. Truth be told, the worst part of that entire experience was realizing that the cause of the downtime was actually preventable! If only I spent a minute or two every month to do routinary tasks! Alas, that’s now in the past and I now just consider that an expensive learning experience. Now, I'm extra careful especially when it comes to data privacy, online security and digital protection measures. Cybersecurity threats are real, folks! And it can be finan...

3 smart ways to protect yourself online

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So here's a true story. I personally know someone who fell for a bad online scam. And by bad I mean really bad. My friend fell for one of those Nigerian catfish love scams. All along, she thought she was involved in a long-distance relationship that was about to lead to marriage. Because she was, well, naive, she sent her lover money, love emails, gifts etc. Long story short, not only did she lose who she thought was her future husband, she also lost a huge chunk of her savings. My friend is now over the whole fiasco (thankfully) but certainly, there is a big lesson to learn from this. And that is to always be extra wary of your online activities and to know how you can protect yourself online. First and foremost, always be mindful of the people you accept into your online network...

Free to register: premier cybersecurity conference set – DECODE PH 2020

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A 3-day conference, which will feature various industry experts from different parts of the globe to speak about the latest developments in the cyber world, will be held on November 10 to 12, 2020 and here's the best news: it's FREE to register! DECODE, an annual conference organized by Trend Micro, Inc., a global leader in cybersecurity, aims to present an immense opportunity for IT professionals to network, learn and share knowledge among their peers. DECODE will have more than 40 virtual breakout sessions during the event’s three-day run and a panel discussion of threat experts, where participants learn about various latest global trends on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Protection and Privacy, Cybercrime and Incident Response, among others. The conference, wh...
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