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Mindanaoan is an Islands Souvenirs I heart CDO brand ambassador

Mindanaoan is an Islands Souvenirs I heart CDO brand ambassador

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As someone who has been very contented working behind the scenes for more than a decade, to ever be offered the opportunity to model and help endorse something is the farthest on my mind. Never have I thought that a brand - a very well-known one at that - would even consider me to be one of their brand ambassadors. So you could just imagine how honored I felt when Islands Souvenirs, through their head honcho Jay Aldeguer (one of the very few people I truly admire!), chose me as one of their "I heart CDO" Islands Souvenirs brand ambassadors. It was something I could never say no to. I mean, really --- apart from the fact that it was THE Jay Aldeguer who asked me, I also truly believe in the Islands Souvenirs brand. I am a fan of their advocacies - which are to revolutionize souvenir ...

Missy Bon Bon pastel – new Cagayan de Oro pasalubong

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Missy Bon Bon in Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao, Philippines is no longer just known for their delicious pastries and gelato. These days, the charming Missy Bon Bon breadshop and gelato store is also known as the home of CDO's latest pasalubong delicacy - pastel! Pastel is a soft, sweet filled bun. For many years, pastel became the preferred pasalubong in Northern Mindanao. The entire fascination over this delicious bun started when a family produced yema-filled pastels in Camiguin Island. Word about these delicious buns spread and eventually, tourists began lugging around boxes and boxes of these sweet treats as pasalubong. Fortunately for those in CDO, you need not go to Camiguin Island just to buy these delicious pasalubong delicacies. Missy Bon Bon has finally released their ow...
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