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Back on Blackberry and trying out Globe BBMax

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So I'm finally using a Blackberry phone again. I actually used to have one in 2010 - back when only a few owned Blackberry units and when I only had two BBM buddies! (Yup, that was pretty sad and lonely) That Blackberry unit served me really well. I used it mainly for business but something unfortunate happened and I lost that phone. The short story - a thief attacked our then Cebu City apartment. I was all alone, sleeping soundly in one room. My brother arrived home, panicked, thought I was dead. Authorities believed the thief was a youngster. After bouts of anger and sadness, I went to a Globe Business Center to check if I could still retain my phone number (I used a prepaid sim). Lo and behold, the very friendly Globe customer service agent at the SM Cebu branch managed to help me ou...

Blackberry Playbook is on my wishlist!

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Okay, I know everyone's talking about the Apple iPad these days and I guess that as a relatively new Mac user, I should also (quite naturally) want to get one for myself. However, I've also been a Blackberry user for quite a while now - I've come to love my BB and its features - and Blackberry's coming out with their own tablet pretty soon! Presenting the newest entry to my wishlist - the Blackberry Playbook! Isn't it a BEAUTY? Research In Motion (RIM) has launched the so-called “professional-grade” BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Check out its way, way cool features: (more…)
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