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Reconnected with ASEAN astronaut Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor

Reconnected with ASEAN astronaut Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor

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I'm too excited not to share this! Four years ago, I met Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, a Malaysian and the first ever ASEAN astronaut. I met him through the former Malaysian Ambassador to the Philippines, Dato Seri Dr. Ibrahim Saad, and his lovely wife, Dato Zainab Kader. Apart from being the first ever ASEAN cosmonaut (he was selected from a whopping 11,435 candidates!), Dato Sheikh is also an orthopaedic surgeon, motivational speaker, model, endorser (yes, he is THAT amazing) and proud family man. (Yes, yes, I can hear the millions of hearts breaking right now haha) When I first met him, though, he was still single. Do I really need to tell you why tens of thousands of ladies find him charming? Anyway, I just want to share that today, after 4 long years, we finally got reconn...

Meeting Malaysian astronaut Dato Sheikh Muszaphar

Mindanaoan Update
How do you talk to an astronaut? More specifically, how do you talk to the very first Angkasawan (Malaysian astronaut) sent to space who’s tall, super smart, very passionate in his beliefs and very, very handsome without sounding like an awestruck schoolgirl? This was my very thought as soon as I found out that I was set to fetch, meet and spend time with the supposedly dashing 38 year old Dato Sheikh Muszaphar, who’s not only an Angkasawan but an orthopedic surgeon and part-time model as well. (Yes, he’s that amazing.) The last thing I wanted was to talk to someone who knew a lot about Physics, Medicine and Aerospace Engineering. Heck, I could barely remember the technicalities surrounding g-forces, gravity, micro-neurons and surface tension! How in the world could I even carry a logic...
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