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Hats off to you Steve Jobs | Steve Jobs commencement speech at Stanford University

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Steve Jobs. Apple Co-Founder. American computer entrepreneur and inventor. Former Pixar Animation Chief Executive Officer. Adopted as a child but became to be one of the greatest geniuses of our time. 1955 - 2011. So much has been said about the man we all know as the one behind the iMac, iPod, iTouch and iPhone. When Steve Jobs died yesterday, October 5, 2011, people mourned, people became "iSad, iMourn, iCry." As a fan and user of Apple products, I also became very sad. I took to Twitter and shared my thoughts. I agree, Steve Jobs made the world immeasurably better. And I will forever be thankful that he shared his talent, skill and passion with all of us. However, I also have to say one thing: I will think about death much like how Steve Jobs did. It'll inspire me to follow my ...

Usher, my beloved Macbook, finally meets his match!

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After receiving jibes (playful ones, I assure you) from my brother who said I was such a weird cheapskate for having a cheap-0 mouse (i.e. a small silver one I once used during my HP netbook days and one that I got from CD-R King LOL) accompany my new Macbook (which I have decided to name "Usher," by the way), I decided, on a bit of a whim, to purchase the most suitable partner for my new laptop. Introducing my newest (and expensive *gulp*) gadget - the Apple Magic Mouse! I bought this one during my most recent trip to Cebu City: Doesn't it look like it came from outer space? (more…)
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