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Direct flights from Manila to Camiguin available starting May 2019

This is great news for Mindanao tourism and just in time for the tailend of summer! If you’re coming from Manila and want to visit one of my favorite places in the Philippines, the volcanic island of Camiguin, you can soon do so in just a hop and a skip to the airport.

Starting May 2019, Skyjet Airlines will offer direct flights from Manila to Camiguin. According to initial marketing collaterals, rates of the Manila to Camiguin flights will start at Php 3,088++.

So from May to June 2019, the flights will be on Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Things will be different come July 2019, though. The flights will be held daily! Pretty exciting!

For those still unfamiliar with Camiguin Island a.k.a. the Island Born of Fire, it’s home of the annual Lanzones Festival, home of the beautiful White Island, home of the equally lovely Mantigue Island and home of a sunken cemetery.

Here’s a Camiguin travel guide for you. Meanwhile, I highly recommend this Camiguin bed and breakfast!


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