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CD-R King now has affordable LED light tubes

Haven’t we all tried using fluorescent lights in our homes at least once? What seemed to be a harmless household product later on proved to be harmful in the long run. Years after fluorescent was discovered, it was found out that fluorescent gives off a small amount of ultraviolet light and that 8 hours of exposure under a fluorescent light is already equivalent to an hour of sun exposure. Scary!

Some of us may have also later on switched to CFL (which was said to be less harmful) but it still contained fluorescent. Ergo, mercury is still present.

cd-r king led light tube

Thankfully, the invention of LED has saved us from the long term use of fluorescent. Definitely great news for all consumers!

cd-r king led light tube


cd-r king led light tube

We can now purchase the LED Light Tube. It gives the same high light output of fluorescent with the benefits of LED technology.

CD-R King, your one-stop media provider with its effort to help protect the environment, brings this innovation closer to us consumers. They’re now offering the LED Light Tube at very affordable prices.

CD-R King LED light tubes are available in T-8 10watts (Php 120), T-5 18watts (Php 150) and T-5 20watts (Php 200). Each tube can last up to 50,000 hours.

LED light tubes can be purchased with casing or as a replacement tube. Available in all CD-R King branches nationwide.


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