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Gelatissimo in Greenbelt 5

Thanks to Manila-based Twitter friend Ryan, this blogger from Mindanao got invited to check out the much-talked about Gelatissimo store in Greenbelt 5, Makati City, Philippines. It was an invitation that I immediately accepted especially because I’ve heard a lot of good feedback about this gelato shop.

By the way, Gelatissimo isn’t a homegrown brand. Gelatissimo is an Australian brand and they offer yummy gelato that’s made fresh every single day, sundaes, chocolates, traditional Italian biscotti and roasted coffee.

For the unitiated, gelato is a low fat, creamy alternative to traditional ice cream. It tastes a bit “warmer” than ice cream but nonetheless equally delish!

As expected, I found a packed Gelatissimo Greenbelt 5 branch. Believe me, the photo I took below didn’t do justice. There were A WHOLE LOT of people outside the gelato store!

gelatissimo greenbelt 5

One of the things that I absolutely liked at Gelatissimo is the way they presented the gelato choices. Check out the entire green tea box placed on top of the green tea-flavored gelato! And what about the two packs of Snickers right on top of the American Chocolate gelato?

gelatissimo philippines

With choices like these, who wouldn’t want to visit the nearest Gelatissimo store now and have your fill of their yummy gelato?


After a seemingly endless “taste” session (you can request the friendly Gelatissimo servers for this), I ended up choosing the pistachio and fresh wild berries flavored gelato. And yes, I absolutely enjoyed my share!

Gelatissimo Greenbelt 5 is located at the 2nd level. It’s near the walkway going to Landmark, right beside Pepper Lunch.

For those of you who are Cebu-bound soon, you can visit the Gelatissimo store in SM City Cebu. The franchise holders of Gelatissimo here in the Philippines say that more branches of this gelato shop will be opened real soon — hopefully one in Cagayan de Oro City and another one in Davao City!



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