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SMART unlimited call promo – definitely good news for Mindanaoans!

The much-awaited SMART Gold and SMART Buddy unlimited call promo is finally here! This time around, the unlimited call promo for SMART subscribers isn’t just limited during late evenings until early morning. The SMART unlimited call promo can be availed of at any time of the day and until September 30, 2009! This SMART unlimited calls promo is dubbed “Smartalk” and I think it’s definitely good news for Mindanaoans especially since there are a lot of SMART subscribers here in Mindanao, Philippines.

You can avail of Smartalk unlimited Smart-to-Smart calls in denominations of P100 and P500. For P100, you can avail of unlimited SMART calls for 5 days. For P500, you can avail of SMART unlimited calls at any time of the day for 30 days.

Here’s a quick guide on the keywords to remember if you wish to avail of Smartalk, Smart Gold and Smart Buddy’s unlimited call promo:

Send Talk100 to 6400 for a Smartalk 100 package, or Talk500 to 6400 for a Smartalk 500 load.

The payment for the package bought will be automatically deducted from your prepaid load. Don’t forget to maintain a balance of at least P1 in your account.

When making a call using the Smartalk unlimited package, SMART Buddy subscribers just need to dial *6400 plus the 11-digit subscriber number being called, eg., *640009181234567.

Smart Gold subscribers can just follow the same format.

By the way, guess who recently “came home” to SMART? Find out who!



  • kimuel

    uhm in the first day na paggamit ko nung unlicall na 5days ok naman pero nung kinabukasan lage unable to connect bkit naman ganun?? sayang aman,, please help naman po

  • I can use these comments if and when I testify about Smart’s quality of service. Please refer to my own frustrations with the SmarTalk promo at

    I have not had the opportunity to observe the Globe promos, but I find Sun Unli much much better than SmarTalk. If you know of similar observations about the service or lack of service of Globe, please bring it to our attention.

    In connection with the proliferation of promos, may I request those that are interested in it to ask DTI for copies of the permits granted to this promos. Either the approvals are non-existent or there is not much consumer protection concerns in the conditions for approving those unli promos.

    Also, I would appreciate very much if subscribers here can test out the Promo Verification of the DTI at including the use of the 4-digit num ber 2948. Please report your findings here or at the COUP forum. Your assistance could go a long way in convincing the NTC that something sucks when it comes to consumer protection in mobile phone services.

    Thanks for your time…

  • kashikikatoku

    Is it available also here in cebu?.. I’m trying to register right now but they just sent me message that registering is unavailable at this time.. What will I do?
    My classmate’s mom was able to register when she was here in cebu..

  • April

    @Tet Gambito- it so happened i read your post and i find it true that the service is available until September 30 but to my dismay, this is a fraud advertisement. know why? the Consumer group Consumer Complaints Center, Inc. has filed a complaint with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) against Smart Communications, Inc.’s promo “Smartalk,” calling it “deceptive” and “confusing.” Consumer Complaints Center President Vicente F. Gambito said his group has been receiving complaints about smartalk on the supposed poor service of the unlimited voice call promo smartalk. Mr. Gambito claimed the service bogged down during the first two weeks of implementation of smartalk, and that the *6400 service was unavailable for reasons such as the “phone was unattended” or “phone is outside of the coverage area”, but a connection could be made to an non Smartalk number using a regular call without the use of the prefix *6400 of smartalk. Also, attempts to subscribe to Smartalk during the period only resulted in receiving delayed messages saying the promo was unavailable at the time the registration was made.

  • editedx2

    sir Bakit di ako mkpag register sa smart talk i have 120 load why i cant register say your smart unnable i always register morning or nyt anythink said unnable register … why why why .. a pm me ym ok but im not trying to register morning really morning like 12:01 am i try now …

  • ahayZero

    haayy!!!!! ubos na pasensya kow nag avail ako nang unlimited call hindi ako nakakatawag swerte2 lang paling unable to connect, pero pag yung normal calls lang gamit kow ang blis wlang problema. paano yan sayng yung pag pa unli kow wla naman!!!

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